Bike Packing

Bike Packing

🔜 ToDo before travelling👕 Clothing🚲🎒 Bike Bags🔦 Lights🔧 Mechanics👝 Bike luggage💤 Light sleeping🚰 Water🥦 Food🔌 Electronics🧳 Additional bagpack (if transfer)💻 Additional bagpack (if working)

🔜 ToDo before travelling

Check tyres status
Check tyres pressure
Check brake pads
Charge lights
Charge shifting (if electronic)
Check the route
Charge GPS
Update Firmware of GPS
Check that routes works in GPS
Download all the GPS maps for the route I’m doing
Check the weather
Weight bike + backpacks (if you are curious)

👕 Clothing (on)

Cycling clothes
Cap + Helmet
Arm warmers
Neck tube
Comfortable cycling shoes
Sun glasses compatible for the night (if there is night involved)

🚲 Bike set up

How it could look like

🚲🎒 Bike Bags

Seatpost bag (17L)
Small frame bag bottom (3.5L)
Frame bag top (0.5L)
2 pouches
2 bike straps (In case of need to strap falling things…)
Aerobars (if needed, in my case for the laptop)
Front can bag (1L)
Bottle container for tools (750ml)

🚰 Water

2x bottles 750ml (depending water availability in the route)
Water bladder (if hot and long sections without water)
Filter or filtering pills (if not reliable water)

🔦 Lights

Front Lezyne Drive 1000 (main)
Front Lezyne 250 (spare)
Front Knog Knog (blinking)
Back Lezyne 80 (main)
Back Knog Knog (blinking)

🔧 Mechanics

Multi-tool set
2 tubes (700c x 45)
Tubeless repair kit (worm)
Patches kit
Valve adapter
Valve key
Set of spare break pads (if big ride)
Chain link
Plastic brackets
Lubricant for the chain
Swiss knife or even better multi-use tool with spork (if no flying ✈️ is planned)

👝 Bike luggage

Rain jacket
Rain pants
Shoe cover (if expected cold)
1 extra cycling kit (bib, jersey, socks, technical shirt)
Tooth brush+paste
Sun screen
Chamois Crème
Soap for clothes (if planning to wash)
1st aid Kid
Cash and Card
ID Card + Passport (Different places of the bike)

🔌 Electronics

Cable with USB-C short
Cable with USB-C Long
Cable with micro-usb short
Garmin cable
Sram battery charger
Powerbank small x 2
Light Headlamp

🥦 Food

2x power bars
1x nuts + Mango

💤 Light sleeping

Light mattress
Emergency blanket
1x non-cycling clothes set (running shorts, t-shirt, socks)
Light feeder jacket
Light feeder pants
Long tights (if cold)
Thick socks (if cold)

🧳 Additional bagpack (if transfer)

1 set of regular clothes
Flip flops
Book to read (if travelling long)
Earplugs to listen music (if travelling long)

💻 Additional bagpack (if working)