👋 Welcome to gomountains.today
👋 Welcome to gomountains.today

👋 Welcome to gomountains.today

🎯 The aim of this site is…

  • to offer a better way to search for the activities that I’ve accumulated through the years in Strava
  • to share material as checklists that I use for my day to day

🛋️ Get comfortable and look for some ideas

📚 Useful material

☑️ Check lists for your activities

The lists are a guidance, it does not mean you need all of those items
👕 Clothing🎒 Backpack☃️ Cold conditions🏁 Race
🔜 ToDo before travelling👕 Clothing🚲🎒 Bike Bags🔦 Lights🔧 Mechanics👝 Bike luggage💤 Light sleeping🚰 Water🥦 Food🔌 Electronics🧳 Additional bagpack (if transfer)💻 Additional bagpack (if working)

👤 About me

Hi 👋 , I’m David and I was born in Barcelona 🇪🇸. I moved to Switzerland 🇨🇭 by end of 2013 and over the years I’ve been discovering Switzerland. Mountain bike was my first way and later on I started trying other sports that involved to be outdoors and discovery new places, such as trail running, other cycling styles and skimo.

❓ What moves me

  • 😄 Fun, whatever it is…, fun type I or II
  • 🔎 Discovering new places or same places with different conditions
  • ⚡ Arriving further with my own means

➡️ If you want to further follow me…

📥 If you want to contribute to improve this site

Give me feedback about what you would like to see, about something that does not work, …